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Created on Aug 8, 2023

Allow Slack channels to be named during channel setup

This is about an update you made to the Front integration, and more precisely, about the Slack integration to Front. We are spending so much time and steps now. It's very inconvenient as we use the integration a lot for our clients' channel. Before this update, it was way easier, everything was in the same place, and it took less time than now. Is there a way to have fewer steps?

It's very important to us to be able to add the clients' names right away, or it will be very hard to find them again. We are doing this dozens of times a day. We have many inboxes and many clients to take care of every day.

In the past, the workflow was:

  • Go to relevant team inbox settings > Add channel > Slack > Integrate > Add the channel's name

  • Add the name directly and the All team can reply button was at the same place too.

  • Everything was in the same place, and in less than a minute.

The workflow now includes additional steps:

  • Go to the channel setting > Connect a channel > Slack > Connect to Slack > Add the channel name and the inbox

  • Go back to the channel tab > Look for all the channels named Slack > Choose the last one in the right inbox >

  • Rename the channel

  • Select All team can reply button

We now have to go back and we are losing time.

We need a fast way to add the client's name / associate the client's Slack channel to the correct account, could you suggest a more efficient workflow?

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  • Guest
    Apr 9, 2024

    Adding another idea: being able to filter the results in the Slack Channel list. The only available filter is by channel's name. Being able to filter by inbox, time of the integration, or by the person who did the integration would be really helpful.

  • Guest
    Oct 31, 2023

    I wanted to add something that can be helpful here. It would be great to be able to see the Slack channel name in the threads settings. Now, looking at the setting we have no idea which channel this is about, nowhere it's mentioned, and it would be way easier than renaming each thread.