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Created on Feb 24, 2023

If a saved Contact is tied to an Account in Front, include the Account Name with the Contact Name wherever possible.

Our business would really appreciate if the account name was included in parenthesis for any existing, saved contact. This includes but isn't limited to any circumstance when viewing, referencing, writing to, or looking up a saved contact.

Something similar already exists in Front, but only when clicking into a list of recipients in an already sent email. We would like to see this expanded to be more obvious & explicit, everywhere. This is specially to avoid accidentally communicating with an unintended party when a similarly name contact exists at under multiple accounts.

In all the attached examples (Except when using the search bar) we found the same contact name using a nearly identical email address at a glance, save for the domain name. One contact is internal, the other contact isn't.

Some additional options in settings

  • If a saved contact has no account, allow users to show domain name instead.

  • Allows users to see Account Names directly within the inbox.

  • Attach files