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[Tags] Search for nested tags when searching for a parent tag

Being able to return results from nested tags when searching for a parent tags.
about 1 year ago in Find the result I'm looking for 0 Backlog

Return search suggestion matching exactly query when quotation "" are used

Typing "fee" in the search bar should return only or at least at the top, suggestions for "fee" and not more like "feedback". Should be the case for tags at least.
3 months ago in Suggestions 0 Backlog

Apply the scope of a filter to the last message of a conversation (e.g before:last-week)

No description provided
5 months ago in Filters 0 Backlog

Save search location change even if no search is submitted

I constantly find myself changing the default search target from "All inboxes" to "Inbox". I can't think of a case to always want to search all teams I have access to. I think the default should be the current hierarchy and it should remember if I...
about 1 year ago in Search location 2 Backlog

Filter out notifications emails from search results

Description: Notifications can be overwhelming in search results. it would be great if possible to filter them out either with a filter or automatically with no action from teammates.
almost 3 years ago in Search Results 0 Backlog

Universal Search across tools

Description: As a Front user I search across multiple tools to do my job and answer the requests I receive. Things like I search for a conversation in Front I search for contact information in my CRM I search for a knowledge base article in my kno...
10 months ago in Search 0 Backlog