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Swipe right or left while in read mode of an email on the mobile app to go to the next or previous one, respectively

while in Read mode of an email in the mobile app, there is a need to swipe either left or right to navigate to the previous or the next emails, respectively.
8 months ago in Mobile 0 Backlog

Add dark mode support for plugins

Front now supports Dark Mode, but there isn't currently a way to get the users dark mode setting and apply it to a plugin.
9 months ago in Client Platform 0 Backlog

Ability to Print Discussions (or export/download them)

Suggestion to be able to download or print discussions, both individually and mass export
almost 2 years ago in Desktop 1 Backlog

Collapse messages on phone

In phone app (android) I can only expand messages but they can not be collapsed after.
3 months ago in Core Product Experience / Mobile 0 Backlog

Keyboard shortcut to focus draft

When you are viewing a long email thread, it can be useful to jump to your draft and looking up some information
3 months ago in Keyboard shortcuts 0 Backlog

New themes

Can we have more theme features like Outlook and Google has?
3 months ago in Client Platform 0 Backlog

Quote comment support on mobile

No description provided
4 months ago in Comments / @ mentions / Mobile 0 Backlog

Language support: Polish

Grammar checking in emails in Polish. Autocorrection working the same as in gmail. The whole system translated to Polish
4 months ago in Client Platform 0 Backlog

Ability to open .rpmsg files sent from outlook

We need the ability to be able to "Open, Read & Reply" to .rpmsg files in Front. Link on how to execute: Remote Processor Messaging (rpmsg) Framework — The Linux Kernel documentation Currently this file is only viewable by email recipients who...
4 months ago in Client Platform 0 Backlog

Keyboard shortcut: reset style / format

keyboard shortcut to remove text formatting
12 months ago in Composer / Keyboard shortcuts 0 Backlog