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Dynamic objects

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Allow users to easily track dynamic objects

As a user, I want to be able to track activity for a particular dynamic object. I need to be able to quickly access all conversations associated with a dynamic object, and be aware of when new conversations come in. Tags are a great example of how...
22 days ago in Dynamic objects 0 Backlog

Allow dynamic objects to be created without a target URL

As of today, users are required to specify a target URL in a dynamic object. For example:[ORDER ID] However, not all business objects can be linked to through some URL. Some business objects live in desktop apps or aren't ea...
22 days ago in Dynamic objects 0 Backlog

Trigger dynamic object creation when conversation title is changed

Would love to have dynamic objects triggered when I edit a conversation title and add a dynamic object pattern
28 days ago in Dynamic objects 5 Backlog

Trigger rules on dynamic object updates

Allow rules to be triggered each time a dynamic object is updated
about 1 month ago in Dynamic objects 0 Backlog