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Easier and more discoverable search filters

Situation: It's hard to know what filtering capabilities exist. The only ways to know are: By seeing filters' syntax when clicking on a suggestion or a Search Hint or in the advanced query builder and remembering it for future usages. By opening t...
8 months ago in Filters 0 Backlog

Faster search indexing

Situation: I sometime do an action and immediately search for it (like I add a tag to a conversation, or I use the quick archiving action on the search results) Challenge: When I take an action on a conversation (like tagging, archiving...) I need...
4 months ago in Filters / Tech - Search performance 0 Backlog

Filter Negation (keyword, tag, email, account..)

Description: Be able to search for conversation that DON'T have a specific keyword or filter Example use cases: Search for an open email from outside your organization with 'is:open' Filter out emails about "meeting" but not related t...
over 2 years ago in Filters 1 Backlog

Add a date filter picker in the Search Builder

Add a date range picker in the "Search Builder"
4 months ago in Filters - Query builder 0 Backlog

Filter "exclude calendar updates" to be on by default or to remember last state

Description: The "Exclude calendar updates" filter below the search bar is not enabled by default. Users with a lot of calendar updates in the results that are not valuable, must click on this filter for almost every search. Request: Make this fil...
3 months ago in Filters - Search hints 0 Backlog

Search for contacts by custom field

Description: Being able to search for conversations with a specific Custom Field. Request: When typing the custom field value I wish to have the results associated with it that are returned in the result set.
3 months ago in Filters 4 Backlog

Improve the Advanced Search builder

Description: The advanced Search builder is here to help write a search by filling specific fields like: From, To, Subject, Body, Status, Tag, and Account. Request: Add filters like: "searching in attachments", "has an attachments", "context links...
over 1 year ago in Filters - Query builder 1 Backlog