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Channel management

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Display all channel settings, even those set during channel set up

Some feedback around channel settings. Some channels - e.g. Slack in this case - have settings that are configured when setting up the channel and after that they are never available to the admin. e.g. "Author name", "Message threading", "Slack ch...
3 months ago in Channel management / Twilio 0 Backlog

Notify all shared inbox teammates that channel requires reauthorization

Currently, if a channel needs to be reauthorized, only the admin is notified. We should extend this notification to all users, suggesting they contact their admin to reauth.
3 months ago in Channel management 0 Backlog

Add phrase to channel deletion message regarding draft deletion

Users are not notified that drafts are deleted when a channel is removed from Front. A message should be added that drafts will be deleted as well.
6 months ago in Channel management 0 Backlog

Send notification when conversations is reported as phishing or spam

Allow admins to configure an inbox that phishing emails should be sent to
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Channel management / Security 0 Backlog