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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 11, 2024

In mac OS desktop app, provide option to disable spell-check

As far as I can tell (and the Front support person with whom I just chatted agreed that I'm correct about this), there is no way to disable spellcheck in the mac OS desktop version of Front. I have disabled the "Correct spelling automatically" checkbox in my System Preferences, but that checkbox controls automatic replacement of typos with corrected spellings, and the thing I'm trying to disable is the red underlining of supposed typos. Apple does not seem to provide a way to turn this off at a system-wide level, but rather leaves it to individual apps to let the user disable the red underlining if desired. Front does not currently offer a way to do this.

In case it's helpful, Slack is an example of an app that handles this well. It has a toggle that essentially allows you to choose between 'no spell-check' and 'inherit the system-wide spell-check'. This is exactly the toggle that I am saying Front ought to have.

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