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Created on Nov 2, 2023

Monday Integration - Assign Person and Add Date from w/in Front

Current Scenario: integration within Front currently only allows you to:

  • select a Workspace

  • a specific Board

  • Group of items to create a new task into from the emails.

Feature to add:

It would be super useful to add two more options:

1. Selecting a Person to assign to task
2. Giving the task
a Date.


  • Save time!
    Avoids the Front user having to take several extra steps after creating a task from Front - which is loading Monday, searching up the specific task that was created from Front and only then clicking assign person + date.

  • Ensures tasks are not lost - sometimes a user forgets to go back to Monday & assign dates/person so the task never shows up as priority in the active MyWork dashboard and therefore gets lost

Thank you Front Team!

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