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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 26, 2023

Make it easier to create drafts for chatbots

It's hard to create drafts of chatbots / test chatbots now because every chatbot is tied to a channel.

What I'd like to accomplish is to create a draft chatbot and make changes to it without having to have it connected to a specific channel.

Currently to accomplish this I have to create a new Front Chat channel, delete the existing chatbot that it's created with or use that one as a starting point (which was confusing for me since I didn't realize that creating a chat channel automatically creates a chatbot), and build my flow. Then when I want to switch my test chatbot to my real chatbot I have to create a third chat channel, delete that chatbot, assign my original bot to the third chat chanel, and then reassign my test bot to my production chat channel.

This is very complex and non-intuitive.

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