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Created on Oct 11, 2023

Knowledge Base Formatting

  1. When editing the table, you always need to click on the table icon at the bottom, cannot do it when the cursor is in the table

  2. Tried erasing a bullet under a table and it would erase the table but leave the bullet.

  3. No Undo buttons while editing/drafting content

  4. Cannot embed GSuite files

  5. Cannot link within an article (jump to a section within an article)

  6. Cannot screenshot and just paste on the article, you always have to insert upload an image

  7. Multilevel numbering: it is always a numbered list, does not follow the number - letter - number - letter format

  8. Can we have a collapsible text/menu

  9. Dynamic links - this could work but is just a bit clunky. In Guru we can just type and select a guru card rather than having to find the link.

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