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Created on Oct 5, 2023

Ability to manually mark a chat as "resolved", and allow a user to start a new chat conversation on another topic

We can't manually configure chat messages to refresh for the end-user. If someone sends us a message and we solve their problem, there's no way to manually make the chat history clean up/mark it as resolved so they can send us another message. This looks and feels very clunky for the end-user.

The six-hour auto-refresh isn't perfect because conversations can take longer than 6 hours (which would force the chat visitor to restart a chat on the same issue). The chat visitor could also return in under 6 hours in which they can't start a new conversation.

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  • Guest
    May 24, 2024

    Hello Front team! Our team is looking for a feature that allows both us and our customers to manually end chats. Here are a few reasons why this feature is essential:

    -The current 30-minute wait time for chat sessions to end after inactivity is too long. If we resolve and archive a query, the customer won't know the chat has ended until the wait time elapses. If the customer returns with a new issue before the wait time ends, they will continue in the previous chat, which diminishes the effectiveness of the chatbot.

    -Allowing users to start a new chat for a different topic ensures they can seamlessly transition from a resolved issue to a new query. This prevents the need to continue in the same chat thread, creating a smoother and more user-friendly experience. Addressing new topics in the same chat can lead to lengthy, convoluted conversations, causing frustration. Separate chats for new topics mitigate this issue.

    -Separate chat threads for different issues provide more detailed data, leading to deeper insights into customer needs and service quality.

    -Allowing users to start new conversations on different topics prevents the mixing of unrelated issues in a single chat thread. This leads to more organized and coherent conversations, making it easier for both agents and customers to follow the discussion.

    Implementing this feature will greatly enhance the efficiency and clarity of our customer service interactions, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

    Thank you for considering this improvement.

  • Guest
    Oct 6, 2023

    Hey there! Have you enabled the option to end chats and refresh automatically in Front Chat channel settings? You can read more about this in our help documentation here.

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