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Created on Sep 26, 2023

Chat Notifications - Enable notifications and then auto unsubscribe when a teammate responds first

We have enabled Chat functionality on our website. This is what we've done and would like implemented so its practical as a team.

  1. Chat channel created and widget install on website

  2. Added teammates to the "Chat" inbox - including myself.

  3. Set up a rule that says when inbound message is received and if conversation is in "chats" and conversation is unassigned, then notify teammates (chat channel).

  4. My personal notification also has smart notifications enabled and the following personal notifications

    1. If a new activity occurs in a conversation I'm subscribed to in 'chats', then don't notify me

    2. if i am notified by a rule, then notify me on desktop

So this works great. I get notified as the message comes through from the website. As soon as a teammate responds, they are auto-assigned the conversation and I stop getting notifications.

However, at this moment, as the team mate responds to the conversation and is auto-assigned, there should be an option for me to automatically 'unsubscribe' from the conversation so it stops appearing in my inbox.

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