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Created on Jun 15, 2023

Option to stop automated responses from updating conversation timestamps

I am looking to request an option to prevent automated responses (such as templates that are sent by a rule after a period of no response) from updating the conversation timestamp so that we can accurately measure how long it has been since a conversation has had an organic reply.

For example, if an email is received four days ago and there is a rule to send a template after 2 days of no response, once the template is sent the conversation timestamp will display 2 days, rather than 4 days.

Often, template responses are simply used to acknowledge delays and explain to users that we'll respond as soon as possible rather than being considered a 'genuine' response that resolves their issue or query - due to this, an option to have conversation timestamps only show the last organic response will be very helpful when viewing conversations with the 'Oldest Unreplied' filter, and for more accurate analytics.

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