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Created on Feb 6, 2023

Allow a conversation to remain assigned if moved to a different team inbox

When moving a conversation to a new team inbox, it is currently unassigned, even if the assignee is part of that team inbox. This is not ideal in situations where either

  • it just needs to be moved, but not reassigned to another person, or more specifically,

  • A teammate wants to assign it to the sales manager as it's very important and they don't want any other teammates to assign it to themselves, and then move it to the sales team inbox so that the sales manager can collaborate with the sales team. Currently, if it's assigned to the sales manager, then moved to the sales team inbox, it then automatically unassigns it.

I can think of two options that could work:

  1. Add a preference, something like "Remove assignee from conversations when moved to a new team inbox". If true, it exhibits the current behavior. If false, it exhibits the current behavior only if the assignee is not part of the new team inbox - if they are part of it, then they remain assigned. Or,

  2. Add an action in the rules engine to reassign to previous assignee. This could then allow us to set up a rule like, if conversation is moved and there is no assignee, then reassign to previous assignee.

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  • Guest
    Aug 3, 2023

    Same here. Being forced to open a team inbox and find the newly moved conversation just to assign it is a pain in the ass. It would be so much more convenient if moving keeps the assignee.

  • Guest
    Mar 2, 2023

    Yes! This would make a huge difference for my team also. I am constantly losing access to emails that are important because someone moves it to another inbox.