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Created on Feb 6, 2023

Update Message ID in Plugin SDK context when user selects messages

When the user clicks on different conversations, the context object gets updated and the conversation id gets updated. Currently, if the user clicks on a given message within a conversation, the context object does not get updated. The idea is to update the context object to reflect the active message in a given conversation. The active conversation could be the last message or the one that the user clicks on.

We're developing a plugin that processes each message within a conversation, and has different results for each message. Currently, we cannot show the analysis results in a linked way to the message and instead have to show metadata about the message such as the sender, timestamp, etc. to let the user know which analysis is for which message, and they have to manually correlate analysis results with the messages in a conversation thread, which is very tendius.

    Feb 20, 2023

    Thanks for the suggestion. For the use case you mentioned, although we are unlikely to update the Message ID in the plugin SDK context (determining the "current" message the user is engaging with is not very straightforward just judging by clicks), our plan is to eventually expose the ability for plugins to embed custom actions that would be accessed via the three-dot menu on a message. Clicking a custom item in that dropdown menu could trigger an action in the plugin.
    We don't have a timeline for this feature yet, but that's generally how we are considering solving for this use case.

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