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AI Summarize in different languages

AI Summarize currently only works with English; we should also allow for other languages.
about 1 year ago in AI / AI summary 0 Planned

Show suggested articles in email composer when responding to customers

Receiving suggestions for KB articles to include in an email reply email in the Front composer (based on keywords, AI, etc.)
10 months ago in AI / AI suggested replies (auto draft) / Knowledge Base 0 Planned

AI AutoTagging

Front currently has a "tag" feature where a company can create a list of tags and mark each conversation with any number of them. At my company (Collective), we have around 30-40 tags that our Support team currently uses. However, manually tagging...
over 1 year ago in AI / AI tagging / Tags 0 Planned

Automatically generate AI summaries upon receiving email

I love the AI summary feature in front. My only criticism is that I wish it would automatically summarize incoming emails. This would allow me to quickly browse through the summaries without needing to click generate and wait for the generation to...
6 months ago in AI 0 Planned