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OpenAI / GPT integration for Front

This would allow users to auto-draft messages using AI.
2 months ago in Composer 5 Planned

Tab Through to Dynamic Message Template Fields

I'd love to have to have the ability to tab through/to fields we need to upate with each email in message templates. Like custom fields that a user can open an email, insert the template, and then tab through to insert the data pertinent to that e...
about 1 month ago in Composer / Message templates 0 Backlog

Allow "contextual" comments on Drafts

Ability to highlight part of a draft and leave a comment for the specific part. My team utilizes the shared email features in Front and they are great, but we regularly collaborate on draft emails to a customer. One feature that we regularly use w...
about 1 month ago in Composer 0 Backlog

Format paintbrush - Ability to copy paste formatting

No description provided
about 2 years ago in Composer 1 Backlog

Undo/redo buttons in the composer

No description provided
9 months ago in Composer 0 Backlog

Ability to create tables in the composer

Ability to create and edit tables in Front emails (currently you can only paste a table)
about 2 years ago in Composer 0 Backlog

Autocomplete text in composer

No description provided
8 months ago in Composer 0 Backlog

Copy paste code blocks with proper formatting

Ability to insert a block of code in an email body correctly.
8 months ago in Composer 0 Backlog