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P2 display - conversation list

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Setting for a compact or compressed view of the conversation list

Have the option for a condensed view with less information density in order to see more emails on screen at once.
about 2 years ago in P2 display - conversation list 1 Backlog

Sort conversations list by sender

Ability to sort the conversations list by sender or "from" address. This is something that is able to be done today in Outlook, and can be key to certain users' workflows.
17 days ago in P2 display - conversation list 0 Backlog

Include outbound (my replies) emails in "newest" sort in personal inbox

Today's Options: The "newest" sorting allows users to always get the latest email on top, but outbound emails (my replies) are excluded from being considered "new". My replies do appear on top on the "newest unreplied" sorting, but then I don't ge...
about 1 month ago in P2 display - conversation list 0 Backlog