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Composing Email

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2nd Variable Fallback in Message Templates

In message templates, when using a dynamic variable I can create a fallback variable or text. I would like to have two fallback options, one being another variable, and a second fallback being text.
about 16 hours ago in Composing Email / Message templates 0

Turn off contacts auto-suggest

Being able to turn off auto-suggest in composer for all Front users
8 days ago in Composing Email 0 Backlog

Focus on the composer after exiting message template window via keyboard

When composing a message, if I open up the message template window and decide to not insert a message but instead exit the window with `ESCAPE` for example. The composer window does not get refocused and I have to use the mouse to click into the c...
2 months ago in Composing Email 0 Backlog