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Created on Mar 4, 2024

Give access to calendar functionnality to teams not using Gmail / Office365

Our team has now fully shifted to Front for dealing with email and other contact channel, as well for individual emails than for shared email. Our emails are connected through the forwarding (SMTP) method, we don’t have Office365 or Google Workspace accounts (and don’t plan to).

We’d like to deal also with calendar in Front, in the same way that teams using Gmail or Office365 do:

  • See personal calendars, and add events from the calendar view

  • Accept invites directly from the email view, that are added to the calendar, and have invite answers sent.

  • See calendars of teammates.

Daily, having to deal with a totally separated software for calendars is a real pain. We shouldn’t have to download ICS events to open them in another solution. It makes sense for Front to offer a base kit to teams that include both email and calendars, and I think it would make sense for Front to decouple a little bit from Office365 and Google Workspace: why pay for such solutions if Front offers the base functionalities? Calendar goes together with email, and Front should propose it natively. Even Notion now has built-in calendar while it’s less close to original product proposition than Front.

Opening the calendar functionality to other setups than Gmail / Office365 could be done in two ways:

  • Add calendars from third party servers: Caldav servers, Notion calendars…

  • Or propose your own calendar backend / server.

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