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Created on Feb 16, 2024

Integration with Microsoft OneNote

An integration with OneNote would be really useful

Within Outlook, users can just click a button and their email details, including files, can be sent to OneNote, to collect both the email info and meeting notes, and things unrelated to email into one singular place. If it’s from an Event, it includes attendees and their contact info as well.

They can also share whole notebooks and pages to other people which includes all the email detail and files. This is literally the only place I’d say Microsoft’s integration is pretty slick - and without having some kind of connection to OneNote, if users are reliant on it, I can see how it’s a non-starter to move to Front.

Even just having any Microsoft applications as sidebar apps might help.

I can’t click and drag an email from Front to OneNote and even open it again… It comes in as a file that won’t open. I’ve tried using the OneNote desktop app and online from the Front desktop app.

Just ANY interoperability with OneNote would be a step in the right direction.

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