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Created on Dec 19, 2023

Dynamic Objects: Extract text from the linked external URL/website for the title of the dynamic object

Dynamic objects are great, but it would be AMAZING if it were possible to have dynamic objects have a dynamic variable option to pull text from the linked external URL/website as the title of the dynamic variable.

Currently, for URLs, we can use the dynamic part of the URL linked via the dynamic object as the dynamic object title (which could be a string of number/characters that looks a bit messy).

However, if we could have it extract text from the URL (for example, the title of the project on the webpage that's linked at the URL), that could make it clearer for users who use a webpage title (instead of a character string) for how they reference their work.

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  • Admin
    Robby Peters
    Jan 23, 2024

    Great idea Daniel. Is the same text available via their API? If so, you may be able to use the API to pull back the needed information for the dynamic object title. (Note: you need to be on Scale to pull info via API)

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