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Categories Core API
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 18, 2023

Flag to control draft window is active

Currently, using Front-SDK, the behavior of createDraft() creates the draft and put the draft in an active pop-up window. However, if calling the functionality via Front CORE API (draft), the draft is only available on the end-user draft inbox.

It is understood that popping up a window for may be confusing for a user if they do not expect it, thus Front CORE API (REST) does not put the draft in the active pop-up window.

It would be nice to have control on the draft active pop-up window for the CORE/REST API call by having a flag in the "Create Draft" API. Default could be false and does not impact current behavior. If the flag is set to true then the draft should pop-up as an active window similar to the createDraft() SDK call.

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