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Created on Aug 16, 2023

Setting to disable Front search which overrules the browser search


Loving FrontApp and we have been using it for years.

But the new search function (Control F) which overrules my browser search function is unfortunately not working properly.

Please let us disable this search function and use the browser search function.

The search function cannot find text strings i can see right in front of me, but it just cannot find the text. Might be due to an underscore in my text i was searching, but as a webdeveloper i need to be able to search for text strings with dots, dashes, slases, underscores etc in emails.

Best regards.

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  • Guest
    Mar 24, 2024

    Please, don't override native browser features, especially if it's not to enhance them, e.g. to workaround the lack of virtualization; It's poor UX right now.

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  • Admin
    Stéphane Renault
    Aug 18, 2023

    Sorry to hear that the control+f feature is not working as you expect.

    Today's behavior is the same as the Desktop app, where a 'control+f' now triggers a search local to the selected conversation thread only. This is to make sure you can search for a specific text in a long conversation thread.

    Before this, the browser search would search only on things visible. Which was missing results in collapsed conversations.

    Could you share more about what you are trying to search and what is not working? Like:

    • Are you trying to search for something in the entire window or only in the selected conversation thread? If the former, could you share more about your use case?

    • Can you give examples of search queries not working well (ideally a screenshot and an example of what you would have expected)

    Thank you!