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Created on Aug 2, 2023

Prevent messages from sending based on customer list (SMS channel)

SMS channels require strict compliance rules, including preventing any messages sent to customers if they've opted out. We are able to put customers on a 'do not contact' customer list but we aren't able to ensure that messages are not sent to them on accident.

We rely on our agents to check if the customer has this tag or are on this list before sending SMS messages.

Ideally, we'd like the following feature available:

  1. Customer Danny is added to 'do not contact' list (or tag added to their profile/convo)

  2. Agent composes new message to Danny and presses send

  3. Front prevents sending Danny a message, Front flags that this user is on a do not message list for SMS

This is most applicable to SMS but could also apply if users do not want to be contacted via email as well.

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