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Created on Apr 6, 2023

New tools to recognize phishing attempts.

Due to an increase in phishing emails lately and a possible influx of more capable attempts with the advancements in AI tech it's important to make sure there are processes in place to catch them before they can cause issues.

The idea is a new rule action that would allow automations to be triggered when any email is received from an address without any previous communication history with our company.

For example, any such email could trigger automation that would add a tag to indicate to the team that this particular email has a higher chance of being a phishing attempt. Or have those emails sent to someone in management for approval before they're delegated to someone else.

If you wanted to take this a step further and keep it outside of the rules for automation then a system could be developed to detect prevalent patterns in phishing emails and assign a score to each message based on the probability of it being a phishing attempt. Things like messages from unfamiliar contacts, embedded links or URL's being included as attachments, known phrasing / wording from previous phishing emails, emails containing multiple hotlinks that all go to the same url, etc could all be identified and if an email has more than a few it could be scored higher.

Hopefully something here would be simple enough to implement so that the team would be willing to work on it sooner than later, it would certainly be a huge help to anyone that uses Front and is also worried about these types of emails affecting their business.

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