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Created on Mar 17, 2023

Swiping improvements on the iOS apps

I’d like to put in a feature request to make better use of swiping in the Front iOS apps.

A really useful feature in the default email client in iOS (Mail app) is the ability to do just about everything you need from the inbox list. Adjusting the degree to which you swipe left and right can offer up to 7 functions (see screenshot below), as opposed to the existing 2 functions in Front. It results in a huge boost to productivity as you can go through a long list of emails very quickly.

It would allow someone to look at the subject line decide whether to snooze, trash, archive, move, mark unread, etc. – all with one finger swipe.

Most of these functions currently require 2 or 3 presses which really slows things down.

While on the subject of swiping, it would also be really useful to be able to go to the next message or a previous by swiping left or right when reading a message. This is standard in most iOS email clients now (Gmail, Outlook).

As Front is all about streamlining and efficiency, I’m hoping these swipe upgrades could be considered.

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