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Created on Mar 10, 2023

Profile summary tooltip when hovering over user display picture in email/discussion

Imagining it would work similarly to Slack, where the popup shows the person's position/role, preferred pronouns, and local time.

Sometimes the number of participants in a conversation/discussion grows fairly large and requires collaboration from multiple departments — and I have to check out another resource to keep track of where everyone's coming from and what their responsibilities might be.

Similarly, sometimes I need to doublecheck their timezone to get a sense of who is more appropriate to @mention for a time-sensitive ask when delegating.

I think having all this context together in Front would save users' time and also keep users within Front more.

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  • Admin
    Yiting Zheng
    Mar 13, 2023

    We already have contact details card. If you're an outlook user, have you tried our outlook directory sync which can port over info such as position/role, preferred pronouns, etc. to show in Front's contact details card?