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Created on Mar 10, 2023

Create new linked conversation

On the '3-dot' menus on both a conversation and a message, please add an new option: "Create new linked conversation"

What I would like to happen after selecting "Create new linked conversation" is:

  • Front opens the standard Composer

  • User composes and sends a message

  • Once message is sent, a two-way link between the new conversation and source/old conversation gets created, so that it is possible to open the other conversation, i.e. jump from one conversation to the other and vice-versa

The use case is a subcontractor email scenario, where we need to reach out to ask a question or request a quote in relation to a client request, and we'd like the two conversations linked - the client request and the conversation with the subcontractor.

It should be possible to repeat the above to create multiple new linked conversations starting from the same 'old' conversation. (In case we need to reach out to multiple subcontractors.

I know we can do all of the above manually by posting each conversation's ID into the comments of the other conversation, but this is manual and time consuming, and would be great if it could be done in a 'single click'.

BTW, a similar feature exists in Zendesk.

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