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Created on Feb 20, 2023

Allow "contextual" comments on Drafts

Ability to highlight part of a draft and leave a comment for the specific part.

My team utilizes the shared email features in Front and they are great, but we regularly collaborate on draft emails to a customer. One feature that we regularly use while formulating replies is the "comment". However, this feature is only available for received emails and is missing from drafts.

This would increase our team's internal efficiency a little further, as we would be able to formulate a draft, and comment directly on specific parts in the draft.
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  • Guest
    Jan 26, 2024

    100% echo this! I find it incredibly strange that we can comment on sent emails, but not on drafts. We have a peer approval system as a quality mechanism and it is very cumbersome to have to explain in a comment about the issue rather than being able to highlight the precise area being addressed in a comment.