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Customer Facing Ticketing System

We are aware that we have conversation codes. But it would be nice and organized to have an internal ticketing system that queues the incoming emails and provides a ticket number to the customers.
7 months ago in Workflows 0 Backlog

Better language detection

We use a library, this probably means looking for a better one\.
over 2 years ago in Rule conditions 0 Backlog

Sequence Email Address View extended

Currently, I cannot see more than about 19 characters of the To: emails when creating a Sequence. My organization has many emails that start the same which makes it difficult to select the correct To email for Sequences.
2 months ago in Outbound/Sequences 0 Backlog

Allow rules to "reply all"

Allow rules to reply all instead of replying to the sender.
over 2 years ago in Auto-reply 0 Backlog

Make Automatic Unassign when OOO Optional

Some users like using the snooze function. But we may have a bit of trouble if something is snoozed but reappears while the assigned person is Out of office status. Then the thread is unassigned and we can lose track of it. Not a big emergency but...
8 months ago in Assign 0 Backlog

"Create draft" rule action

Start a draft from rules that can be reviewed by humans and sent later.
almost 3 years ago in Missing core rule actions 0 Backlog

Download Sequence info as csv

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Outbound/Sequences 1 Backlog

Frontline users can see rule logic with view-only access

This will help with transparency as to how/why messages are getting assigned to them or not. This could be managed with a view-only permission for custom roles.
8 months ago in Permissions / Rule management 1 Backlog

Availability status (Available, Out of Office, Do Not Disturb, etc) shown next to assignee name when a conversation is already assigned

When assigning to another Front user, their availability status is listed next to their name in the drop down assignment window. However, there is no availability status shown for the assignee once it has been assigned to them - a coloured circle ...
7 months ago in Assigning / Teammate availability 0 Backlog

Allow multiple tags to be added with the "Add tag action

This would allow a dynamic variable that is a list of tags to add multiple tags at once.
4 months ago in Workflows 0 Backlog