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Allow scheduling link times at 15 min increments rather than default 30

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about 1 year ago in Scheduling Links 1 Already available

Add variables for scheduling links in signatures

We have a hacky workaround for this using Teammate custom fields, but we'd love to be able to include a user's scheduling link in a signature via a variable (perhaps this also requires a way for a user to specify a default scheduling link?)
8 months ago in Scheduling Links / Signatures 0 Backlog

Clear HTML formatting in calendar invites when viewing in other tools

When you send an invite using Front calendar, you see a lot of HTML formatting today. The text description of the event can get lost afterwards, and so this is a request to clear HTML formatting and make the description appear as plain text when v...
9 months ago in Calendar View 0 Backlog

Ability to add custom logo to scheduling link

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over 1 year ago in Scheduling Links 0 Backlog

Single-use scheduling link

Ability to have canned, easily accessible scheduling links that have preset conditions/settings, but can only be scheduled once.
over 1 year ago in Scheduling Links 0 Backlog

Limit number of meetings that can be created in a week via scheduling link

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over 1 year ago in Scheduling Links 0 Backlog

Ability to set up multiple zoom accounts for one user in Front

Allow a user to switch between two different zoom accounts when creating calendar events in Front
10 months ago in Calendar - other 0 Backlog

Click calendar notification/reminder and see invite details

When a calendar notification pops up (e.g. 15/0 minute warning), clicking on the alert does not open the calendar item. It just seems to open Front at the inbox. Could it take us directly to that event?
10 months ago in Event notifications 0 Backlog

Customizable Options for "Advance Notice" — Scheduling Links

For the "Edit scheduling links" feature, we should have the ability to edit the options available for the "Advance Notice" dropdown/picklist. For example, I think that "18 hours" or "20 hours" is a big omission. Let's say I work 9AM-5PM and a clie...
10 months ago in Accessing / Organizing Data / Scheduling Links 0 Backlog

Company-wide setting for default meeting length

Ability for a company admin to set a default meeting length for the whole organization. Can be changed by users when they create individual invites.
over 1 year ago in Cal/scheduling efficiency 0 Backlog