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Disable contact exporting for non-admins

Provide admin the ability to turn off contacts exporting for non-admins
6 months ago in Export 1 Backlog

Ability to export contacts and accounts from a specific contact list

No description provided
almost 2 years ago in Export 0 Backlog

Export Contacts - Send Email with Link to Download

I am requesting an email with a link to download my export. Reason: i have a lot of contacts and the export takes several hours, if I refresh the page, close the page by accident or forget the export and go back to the contacts page my export is n...
5 months ago in Export 0 Backlog

Contact List Export to include Accounts

On a weekly basis, we export our contact list from Front to import into HubSpot (outside of linking one contact at a time). I manually link up contacts to their prospective account, but I seem to be missing many that do not have a matching domain ...
8 months ago in Contacts / Export 0 Backlog