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Refining AI draft

It would be useful to be able to prompt a revision of the generated draft. For example to make it shorter, change tone, leave out something, add something.
11 months ago in AI 0 Backlog

AI Compose on last email

I'd like AI compose to mostly focus on the last email in the thread when composing a response, instead of pulling information from the entire thread.
11 months ago in AI 0 Backlog

Customizable templates for AI

When using AI compose, I want to have more granular control over the template, including whether or not to include a closing signature.
11 months ago in AI 0 Backlog

Increase AI tags option

We're trying out the AI tagging system on our main IT mailbox, but the current limit of 10 tags is a bit restrictive for our needs. Ideally, we'd like to be able to set up 15-20 AI tags for better organization.
about 2 months ago in AI 0

AI Compose on Mobile App

The AI composer features are a great enhancement and would be even more helpful if they were available in the mobile app.
3 months ago in AI / Core Product Experience 0 Backlog

AI Conversation Data Extraction

It was be really powerful to extract specific data points from Conversation message data to be used for workflows, DOs, etc
3 months ago in AI 0 Backlog

AI composer in templates

When creating templates, have the AI composer there to help create better templates
about 1 year ago in AI / Message templates 0 Backlog