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Analytics Functionality

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Analytics based on info created after a segment is closed

At the moment, our Analytics paradigm is that you report based on context at event time (or events happening within the Analytics segment). After that segment is closed you cannot update that data anymore. For instance, you cannot add a tag and re...
over 1 year ago in Analytics - filters - General improvments 0 Backlog

Make all new individual inboxes visible to analytics by default

No description provided
over 3 years ago in Analytics - Permissions 0 Backlog

Comment-triggered transitions for conversation stages

No description provided
about 2 months ago in Conversation Stages 0 Backlog

Custom analytics dashboards

Visualize data in more ways than what we present in analytics today, E.g., be able to look at the same data set, but presented in a pie chart, bar graph, etc...
about 2 months ago in Analytics Widgets 0 Backlog