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Return search results where matches are all in the same message (and not split in the conversation)

Description: When searching for multiple keywords, Front returns conversation where the keywords can be in different messages in a conversation. Request: Have an option to return results where all the keywords are in the same message, but not nece...
over 2 years ago in Matching 0 Backlog

Save search location change even if no search is submitted

I constantly find myself changing the default search target from "All inboxes" to "Inbox". I can't think of a case to always want to search all teams I have access to. I think the default should be the current hierarchy and it should remember if I...
over 1 year ago in Search location 2 Backlog

Universal Search across tools

Description: As a Front user I search across multiple tools to do my job and answer the requests I receive. Things like I search for a conversation in Front I search for contact information in my CRM I search for a knowledge base article in my kno...
about 1 year ago in Search 0 Backlog

Filter out notifications emails from search results

Description: Notifications can be overwhelming in search results. it would be great if possible to filter them out either with a filter or automatically with no action from teammates.
about 3 years ago in Search Results 0 Backlog