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Search in everywhere (spam, trash, inboxes)

No description provided
almost 2 years ago in Search location 0 Backlog

Support boolean Search (x OR y)

Description: The search returns results matching all the words in my query and filters. Request: I would like to be able to find conversation matching one filter or another one; like: body:test OR subject:test-email
about 3 years ago in Matching 0 Backlog

Search in .TXT attachment files

70% of the files we receive are in txt file and they are filtered to go to different person/department based on certain words in the txt file
over 1 year ago in Search location 0 Backlog

Return search results where matches are all in the same message (and not split in the conversation)

Description: When searching for multiple keywords, Front returns conversation where the keywords can be in different messages in a conversation. Request: Have an option to return results where all the keywords are in the same message, but not nece...
over 2 years ago in Matching 0 Backlog

Setting to disable Front search which overrules the browser search

Hi, Loving FrontApp and we have been using it for years. But the new search function (Control F) which overrules my browser search function is unfortunately not working properly. Please let us disable this search function and use the browser searc...
11 months ago in Search 3 Backlog

Filter "exclude calendar updates" to be on by default or to remember last state

Description: The "Exclude calendar updates" filter below the search bar is not enabled by default. Users with a lot of calendar updates in the results that are not valuable, must click on this filter for almost every search. Request: Make this fil...
about 1 year ago in Filters - Search hints 0 Backlog

ChatGPT for Search: answering a question instead of accessing a conversation

Description: Today, searching gives me access to a list of conversations. I then need to read the right conversation to find what I actually searched for. It can be things like a specific order number, a customer support answer, a price, a contact...
about 1 year ago in Search 1 Backlog

[Tags] Search for nested tags when searching for a parent tag

Being able to return results from nested tags when searching for a parent tags.
over 1 year ago in Find the result I'm looking for 0 Backlog

Return search suggestion matching exactly query when quotation "" are used

Typing "fee" in the search bar should return only or at least at the top, suggestions for "fee" and not more like "feedback". Should be the case for tags at least.
6 months ago in Suggestions 0 Backlog

Apply the scope of a filter to the last message of a conversation (e.g before:last-week)

No description provided
9 months ago in Filters 0 Backlog