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Language detection: Japanese

Admins would like the ability for Front to detect Japanese for multiple use cases.
about 3 years ago in Rule conditions 0 Backlog

Assignment limits for round robin

Similar to what is offered to load balancing, round robin would not assign to teammates that have N open conversations already assigned.
over 3 years ago in Load balancing 0 Backlog

Log attachment in dropbox/drive/etc as a rule action

Add a 3rd party integration action "Log attachment in 3rd party system"
over 3 years ago in 3rd party 0 Backlog

Update the content of message when forwarding, replying or sending to slack with rules

Would be useful to have just the important info that the next team needs based on the information the previous team has compiled.
5 months ago in Rule actions 0 Backlog

Sequence updates

Update sequence functionality to provide additional information around open rate, bounce rate, etc.
5 months ago in Outbound/Sequences 0 Backlog

Allow a user to send a message only if certain criteria are met

There is currently no way to prevent a user from sending a message. Some examples could be: allow only if the conversation has the tag "approved" block sending to external domains if the conversation has the tag "internal" only allow account manag...
5 months ago in Rule library 0 Backlog

Forwarded messages from Front viewable in the Sent

We have rules that FWD to another email address, but you can't see that FWD in the sent items inbox.
6 months ago in Core Product Experience / Rule actions 3 Backlog

Integrate Time Off Planner with External HR Systems

During a product roadmap presentation, Carter from Edge Logistics mentioned it would be great if the Time Off feature for shifts integrated with external HR systems like Paylocity Link to Gong clip:
8 months ago in Teammate availability 0 Backlog

Rules: Condition to detect if an email was auto-generated

As an admin, I would like to create a rule that detects auto-generated emails (such as those sent via mailing lists, auto-replies, etc), and treat these message with a different priority to messages sent by humans. Ideally, I would have a rule con...
9 months ago in Rule conditions 0 Backlog

"Update message subject" rule action

Today you can "update conversation subject" in Front. It's great for internal visibility, but does not change the message subject.By being able to change the message subject you use when replying to a message you could for instance if the inbound ...
9 months ago in Rule actions 0 Backlog