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Google Drive — support picking files from shared team drive

No description provided
about 3 years ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Access Contact's Account via Plugin SDK

As a developer, I'm building a plugin application with the Plugin SDK. It would be helpful to access the Account record for the Contact(s) included in a conversation directly in the payload provided by the plugin SDK, rather than being required to...
8 months ago in SDK 0 Backlog

Dynamic Objects: "Only identify text patterns in messages" Option

Include option to:"Only identify text patterns in messages" Reduces spam in comments when users do not need the context every time the ID is mentioned.
6 months ago in Dynamic objects 0 Backlog

Vonage Integration

Use Vonage like Twilio to connect into WhatsApp. I'm not sure if this would be worth exploring as we look at expansion in Europe. Client in Germany brought this up.
11 months ago in Developer Platform 0 Backlog

Hubspot / Salesforce CRM Sync to update lists

Ability to have contact/accounts lists updated just like custom fields from the CRM Syncs (Salesforce, Hubspot etc)
8 months ago in Contacts / Existing integrations 0 Backlog

Allow OAuth clients to request additional permission scopes

When external applications request Front API access through OAuth2, they are limited to the "shared resources" scope, which grants access to API resources belonging to shared workspaces. This idea suggests expanding the available scopes that a use...
about 3 years ago in Core API 1 Backlog

Duplicate existing Dynamic Object

I have an existing Dynamic Object that I want to duplicate because I want to create many DO with similar configuration with small differences between them. That would be nice to have.
6 months ago in Dynamic objects 0 Backlog

HubSpot tickets integration

Front integrated with Hubspot Deals, but it would also be great to use with support tickets as well.
9 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog

8x8 integration

Front integration with VOIP provider 8x8.
over 1 year ago in New integration requests 0 Backlog

Sync Leads from Salesforce to Contacts

Leads are objects in Salesforce that are similar to Contacts - there are fields like phone number. In Salesforce, you can convert a Lead to a Contact or Account, but Front only syncs Contacts and Accounts from SFDC at the moment
9 months ago in Existing integrations 0 Backlog